Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I say choko, you say chouchou

I'm going hunting. For chokos. I have a recipe in which the choko is the vital ingredient (given that 'choko' is in the name of the recipe), but I have no idea where I might find one in London.

Now, any non-Australians reading this will probably have no idea what I'm on about. But, with a little help from everyone's friend, wiki, I have been able to translate 'choko' into something the locals in London will (hopefully) understand - chouchou. Or chayote. Sometimes also called vegetable pear.

My problem is, I don't remember the last time I saw a choko, but I'm pretty sure that I've never seen one in London.

So...is there anyone out there who can help me find some (actually, 12) chokos in London?


  1. According to the BBC: Chayote are sold in West Indian shops in the UK. Hope it helps!