Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Hampers - 2011 Edition

Once more, Jodie and I spent a feverish 36 hours madly baking, mixing, stirring, wrapping and laughing as we made our annual Christmas hampers.

This year we had a record number of recipients, which meant that we were cooking in almost ridiculous quantities!

We always try to find a good balance between favourites from previous years (ie tomato relish) as well as some new recipes.

The new gruyere and almond crackers were a favourite with Jod and I - hopefully all of the hamper recipients agreed.

We also had a second family recipe enter the hamper this year (tomato relish being the first). This year my Nan's date loaf took it's turn in the spotlight - in the form of super cute mini-loaves that looked great in the hamper.

Hopefully this year's hamper was a success. Plans are already afoot for a very special hamper in 2012.

You can see some more photos here.